Collection: Diamond

Con Ternura 所採用的鑽石是以八心八箭切割的蘇聯鑽石,每一顆均配有證書和嚴格品質監控。

"Hearts and Arrows" is one of the professional terminologies used in the diamond industry, also known as "Cupid cut". Moissanite Diamonds with cupid cute are used in Con Ternura. Every piece of diamond will have their specific code and certificate. The "Eight Hearts and Eight Arrows" use the world's top-notch Cupid-style cutting. The eight hearts and eight arrows are integrated and metaphorize the eight beautiful imagery of "encounter, affection, implication, dream, first kiss, lingering, tacit understanding, and vow". Regardless of any angle, you can see the most brilliant and dazzling light. The love meaning reflected by its eight hearts and eight arrows is unparalleled and indescribable. The eight hearts and eight arrows are symmetrically opposite to each other, just like the arrival of Cupid, the god of love. Through the reflection of the heart and the arrow, it makes love steadfast. The light released by the eight hearts and eight arrows interprets the most perfect imagery of love that makes people dazzled and enchanted when it comes."